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Mosquito Control

 Close-up of a Southern house mosquito (Culex quinquefasciatus), a common mosquito in Southeasten Texas

Like just about everyone else, we like to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the best time to enjoy the great outdoors is also when mosquitoes peak in numbers, annoyance and the potential of disease transmission.

There are many species of mosquitoes in Southeast Texas, but the two that are of particular concern are the Southern house mosquito (Culex  quinquefasciatus, shown here) and the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus).

The southern house mosquito, or Culex, breeds as larvae and pupae in septic water either above or below ground and adults can overwinter in those locations and is primarily a night-time feeder.

The Asian tiger is a small black and white mosquito that breeds in just about any standing water and when temperatures stay above 60 F at night and in the 70-80 F range during the day – usually in June – they will feed during the day and late into the evening, the same time that we come home from work and like to use our backyards and porches.

Because of all the media coverage, we are all aware of the risks of West Nile virus; but St. Louis encephalitis is much more prevalent, and Eastern or Western equine encephalitis are much more dangerous. Obviously, the equine encephalitis strains are especially dangerous around horse farms and ranches; but other animals (including human) can be infected with equine encephalitis, and it can be fatal.

Effective mosquito control is the best way to help prevent these and other mosquito-borne diseases. The good news is, we have a control program that doesn't require the installation of a tank and tubes and hoses that constantly has to be refilled and maintained and costs thousands of dollars. We often both ongoing and special-event mosquito control, for example, for an outdoor wedding or family reunion.

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