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Pest Birds and their Control

A pigeon standing on a rock wall. Pigeons are among the most common pest birds in Texas.

There are three species of birds that are legally considered "pests" in Southeast Texas: pigeons (Columba livia, shown on the right), sparrows (Passer domesticus), and starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). These three species are legally classified as pest birds and are unprotected by federal or state laws. They can be controlled at will by anyone with a state pest control license. Usually the reason for wanting them gone is either that their droppings are defacing property (or people) or their feathers are clogging up HVAC equipment.

A fourth bird species, the Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata), enjoys limited protection, and may be controlled in most parts of Texas only when the ducks become a nuisance.

Other birds that are not considered "pests," such as various species of woodpeckers and seagulls, are more strictly protected than pest birds. But they can be managed using non-lethal methods such as exclusion, netting, scaring, or trapping and releasing when they become a nuisance.


Birds as Pests

As with most animals that we consider "pests," birds only become a nuisance when they're present in great numbers or in places where they create a problem. Some of these situations include:


Pest Bird Control and Bird Management

As with all the work we do, Adam's Pest Control approaches each bird control job as a unique situation, and designs a specialized control plan for each site. We use a wide variety of bird management methods including bird-repellent spikes, netting to exclude birds from buildings, fright devices, and (when legal) the judicious use of avicides. We also offer bird mess clean-up services as part of our bird control work.

For more information about bird control or any pest problem, please contact us.